I was told in January of 2022 I had colon cancer found in a routine colonoscopy. I was referred to Dr. Evan Feldman for my surgery. From the first time I met Dr. Feldman, I knew this was the surgeon I wanted to do my surgery. He made me feel I was his only patient!! He went over the surgery options available to me, covered every detail of my surgery, answered every question and even called me at home to answer additional questions I had prior to my surgery. His office team is the best!! I had numerous conversations with Duane Prickett concerning my surgery. Duane was so helpful and always made sure my questions were answered. Even after my surgery, Duane has been available to help me with recovery questions.

My surgery was March 16, 2022. There was never an issue. Every detail was exactly as Dr. Feldman had explained. I feel so blessed the cancer was found early (get your colonoscopy) and that Dr Feldman was my surgeon. I am also very blessed the cancer was contained to one section of my colon and the cancerous section was removed. My recovery has gone according to schedule with no complications. I do not need any further treatment. Thank you Dr. Feldman and to your team for a successful surgery and the amazing care given to me.

M. Holland

I had a colonoscopy with Dr. Joseph Mareno and he and his hospital staff were excellent. Dr. Mareno is an outstanding surgeon, who is compassionate and committed to doing the best work possible.
M. Rosenman

Dr Rama listened to and addressed all of my concerns. She is very patient and kind. I have struggled with some of my symptoms since the age of 50. I am now 64 and Dr Rama has helped me more than the previous 4 Doctors were able to do so. All of the Staff has been wonderful!

Dr. Rama is the best! She was able to provide the help I needed to control a digestive problem that has existed for many years. She also created an environment that made me feel comfortable while being examined and treated. In addition, staff members were extremely friendly, organized and attentive.
S. Burke

Dr Ramakrishnan makes me feel very comfortable and relaxed and takes the time to explain everything and answer my questions. She never seems rushed, which is so unusual for a doctor today. She is also a “less is more” doctor, which I appreciate. She is not looking to do any unnecessary procedures. She is also very knowledgeable and bright. I have great confidence in her abilities as a physician and trust her opinion.

Dr. Feldman is a wonderful surgeon. He has a way of connecting with his patients and genuinely cares about the individual. He was so patient and careful with his explanations so as to not scare you to death. I would put my life in his hands any day. I actually miss getting to see him. He made me feel like he was treating me like he would his own mother if she needed his expertise. Great individual.
Catherine G.

I would highly recommend Dr. Feldman for any colorectal concerns or issues you may have. He was professional and polite. Dr. Feldman was informative and answered all questions I had regarding my diagnosis, surgery and post instructions.

Dr Mareno and his entire staff were excellent. I have seen him twice and each time they have been on time and all have been very caring and professional with their attitude and customer service. Dr. Mareno took his time and answered all our questions including what procedure he was going to do. He was very caring in his attitude and demeanor.

Very impressed by this practice. I highly recommend them.

Doctor Mareno is likely the most friendly and concerned doctor I have yet experienced in 40 years of seeing doctors. What is rare is the level of attentiveness and professionalism. Wish all doctors were like this one!

Dr. Feldman, Few words can be used to express how grateful we are to you for taking care of our mom. You have a gift-not only with your hands, but also with your heart, as you show a genuine care for our mom. we never know why certain people come into our lives, but you should know that you have blessed our lives immeasurably!
R.G. and Family

Dr. Mareno is a loving, kind and compassionate young man.

She has extensive technical and surgery experience which I heavily valued. But the most important determining factor is she has extraordinary manners in dealing with patient on the personal level. It is extremely hard to find a surgeon has both technical and also people skills together. She takes time to listen and explain all the necessary details to make patient feel comfortable and confident she is the right one to operate on you. It is not an easy decision to make for anyone, but she makes you feel at ease that you know all the things you need to well prepare.

I had an issue that caused me to have to see Dr. Mareno for about 10 months. He is the best doctor I have ever seen. He actually cares about his patients. He will ask a lot of questions to get you know you and he doesn’t rush appointments. He performed surgery on me multiple times and when I saw other specialists (for other issues) the doctors and nurses would always comment on how well my surgery spot looked and would ask who my surgeon was! They were VERY impressed with Dr. Mareno’s work. I am all healed now, thanks to Dr. Mareno. He not only was my surgeon for 10 months he became a friend!
Beth H.

I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Mareno. I went to see him after noticing some alarming symptoms, as a relatively young (38), extremely anxious patient. He diagnosed the problem and came up with a treatment strategy that was exactly aggressive enough yet including as little invasive treatment as possible. (I had several precancerous polyps removed by a combination of colonoscopic and laparoscopic surgical removal.) The treatment was perfect as a technical matter. Equally important, Dr. Mareno is obviously a good person who thinks about and respects his patients: he delivered lab results promptly and personally, always made rounds personally, and always took time to answer my many (and sometimes irrational) questions and concerns. I could not recommend him more highly.

From the moment I walked into Dr. Feldman’s office, the entire staff had a warmth about them that made me feel welcome in their surroundings. I was not just a number. Lily, Dr. Feldman’s nurse, was thorough and made sure all of my medical history, medications, and information was correct. She has a wonderful way of handling patients and I felt as if I had known her for years. I cannot say enough about Dr. Feldman…I am one very grateful patient and just wanted to sing the praises of your facility and staff.

I can’t thank you enough for taking such excellent care of me. Your kindness, attention, and commitment to resolving my health issues are greatly appreciated! I can’t help but feel that I am very fortunate to have you as my physician.
Thank you again,

I’m compelled to thank you for your incredible “bedside” manner, your teaching me about the issue, and your lovely office staff. Visiting you today was a really nice experience. Thank you so much. The world needs many, many more of you. Perhaps cloning might be a good idea, after all! If ever I can be of any help to you in your investment choices, please call. I’d hope to do half-so-well as you.

Thank you for taking your valuable time in helping us-it was appreciated more that you know. You have been a blessing with your kindness, your complete explanation of items, and your ability to keep us sane. Thank you and God bless,
H. and R.

I just wanted to thank you for your patience and kindness in meeting with me prior to me colonoscopy and for making the procedure so easy. I appreciate your calm, thorough manner and your willingness not to use any sedation or pain meds. It was actually an interesting experience! So nice to meet another person from Queens who has settled in Atlanta!

Just wanted to let you know the good news! IT WORKED! Thanks to you, going to the bathroom is a pleasure! (Well, as pleasurable as going to the bathroom can be!). Seriously though: by Day 3 on Metronidazole (Flagyl), the effects of 4.5 years of miserable stomach problems have already begun to dissipate. And now, after the week of Rx has passed, I’m really beginning to believe that it worked. HOORAY!! Thank You Thank You Thank You!

P.S. As a side note-I was bad and disobeyed your instructions to mot mix the Flagyl with alcohol. Let it be proof from my first hand experience that you can share with patients: one glass of wine+Metronidazole=entire night of puking. Bleh!

Thank you for all of your care while I was living in Atlanta. You really made a rough patch in my life much smoother with your great knowledge and caring touch. I deeply appreciate all you and your staff have done for me by providing a comfortable place to come and I leave a better person in the meantime. Going that extra mile and giving me that extra minute made a world of difference in my life and others I’m sure. I only hope that I am able to find someone half as good as you in NYC. Wishing you the best!

I just wanted you to know that your advice to drink more water with the amount of fiber I consume has changed my life! During my colonoscopy you had to irrigate me with 5 liters of water to clean my colon of seeds, etc. Now I drink 3-4 liters of water daily-religiously-and I’ve never felt better. Thank you. I especially wanted you to know because your services were worth well more that insurance reimbursement.

Thank you for being so wonderful over the last year. Your professionalism, level of care and concern, and consistent respect and dignity have made a difficult experience much easier to bear. Thank you all!

Dr. Joseph Mareno

Dr. Evan Feldman

Dr. Swetha Ramakrishnan